My father and I tried to settle my car wreck case ourselves, but the insurance company said my shoulder injury was due to softball and not my severe car wreck. They refused to offer me anything. Siebert & Johnson took my case, fought for me, and won a six-figure settlement in federal court.

-Tia S., Fayette County, March of 2013

The insurance company refused to make an offer to settle my case because they said I ran the red light. Siebert & Johnson worked my case and tracked down a witness that I wasn’t even aware of. In a few months, Siebert & Johnson got me a settlement for more than $40,000!

-James B., Jefferson County, January of 2016

I have known Vince Johnson for over twenty years, and nobody works harder on an injury case than he does. When I send a case to Vince, I know I can trust him to do it right, all the way through to trial. The man is relentless, and that’s what you need these days.

-Frank Jenkins III

Siebert & Johnson settled my car accident case without ever having to go to court. Siebert & Johnson made sure my medical bills were fully covered, and I received a quick and nice settlement.

-Kevin N., Case resolved, Jefferson Count, 2014

After being hit by a drunk driver, I was left with permanent injuries and thousands in medical bills. Siebert & Johnson fought for my case and negotiated a life changing settlement for me.

-Jeff S., Case resolved, Fayette County, 2016

Siebert & Johnson won my case in a jury trial after the other driver’s insurance refused to make an offer. I would recommend this law office to anyone looking to hire an attorney after being injured in a car accident.

-Theresa K., Case resolved, Woodford County, 2015

After a head on collision caused by a negligent driver, my injuries left me unable to work anymore, and I did not know what I was going to do. Siebert & Johnson made sure I have financial security going forward. They fought for me and won a substantial settlement.

-Jenny W., Case resolved, Bullitt, KY, 2016

Mr Johnson is a no bull type of guy. This is what I like about him, he has always been honest and to the point without giving false hopes and expectations.


I have practiced automobile accident cases, from both plaintiff and defense perspective, for fifteen years. Mr. Johnson is the best plaintiff’s lawyer that I have ever worked with and against. He is tireless and fearless and exceptionally bright.

-Anonymous Peer Review

The insurance company wasn’t taking my case seriously. They said the wreck was too minor to cause any injury and discounted my treatment, pain, and suffering. Jason believed in me and took my case to trial and won a verdict more than ten times what the insurance company had ever offered!

–Marisabel A.

Vince took over my case after two years and, within eleven months, was able to get the insurance companies to pay over $1,000,000. The lawyers and staff at Siebert & Johnson are top notch! I highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of an aggressive, knowledgeable and hard-working attorney. He made a real difference in my life and I am eternally grateful. 

-Brian K.

I suffered serious injuries in a semi-truck accident when the truck driver stopped in the middle of Waterson Expressway. Vince reached a seven figure settlement which far exceeded my expectations.

-Greg G.